Thursday, June 24

What They Wear

Middle schoolers are funny. I'm sure you already knew that, but I just wanted to remind you. I really love this age group, but I kind of hope that Finley is able to skip this stage. They're awkward. They worry about silly things.

And they wear RIDICULOUS stuff.

Have you seen Silly Bandz? They're the latest fad sweeping the nation--they've made one savvy entrepreneur rich and been banned during several states' testing. A lot of my girls (and some of boys) think they are awesome. Silly Bandz are silicone bracelets that become funky shapes when you take them off--a palm tree, Michael Jackson, a unicorn... the kids trade and collect them. Vic had kids who lined them up during state testing to be their cheering section.

What do you think? Cooler than Beanie Babies? Less cool than slap bracelets?

Today's the first day of summer, and I kind of miss their silicon laden wrists. But only kind of.


  1. Oh girl I know!!! My son got a $30 gift card for his 6th birthday...and spent the ENTIRE thing on silly bandz!!!

  2. They will be hitting Payless stores later this summer! We are getting in on the fad :)

  3. Rachel, so glad you found my blog! I recognize you from Challenge. Your family as absolutely adorable! I wish I would have found you about a week sooner and had you design my blog...not that I don't love the new look, I just like keeping business in the FAMILY so to speak :)

    Have a wonderful weekend, can't wait to catch up with you via the blogosphere.

  4. Happy Summer! and, my students were into those silly bandz things also. I think slap bracelets are way cooler :)

  5. I knew nothing about silly bandz until I read your blog. Then, I went to my friend Amy's house for dinner (yes, I am in Greenville)and her son has TON's of them and gave me three. I am cool.

  6. my nephews have them. Bradley has 2 shaped like "cautars" (translation: guitars) They are definitely not cooler than slap bracelets because they don't make any noise, there aren't any furry ones, and they aren't being banned for a dangerous reason like the ability to slit your wrist when all the fabric is removed.

    (but I secretly want a Michael Jackson one. RIP King of Pop)

  7. These don't hold a candle to snap bracelets.


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