Saturday, July 24

Antsy Boy

Around 6 o'clock, Finley starts getting antsy. I start getting antsy. We're ready for Sol to be home. Luckily, by that time the backyard is cool enough we can go play on the deck. And even more luckily, the light is perfect for picture taking.

Finley loves the new gates Sol installed to keep babies and doggies in their place. He'll push them open and shut, over and over. That kind of defeats the purpose of the gates, but it keeps him occupied for a loooong time.

And then he'll see Sol--and I can finally capture some sweet smiles.


  1. insert my 3249820398484th comment abut how adorable your son is. *sigh*

  2. Please do not go to the Cayman. I'm going to miss you and Finn. A looooooooooooooooooooootttt.


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