Thursday, July 22

15 months

Finley is 15 months old!

I'm so happy to get to spend the summer with him--and I feel like he is learning and changing so much lately!

Summer has thrown off our schedule a little, but he sleeps about 13 hours a night and takes a nap for just over an hour in afternoon. I'm grateful for how late he sleeps in.

I'm trying to introduce lots of new foods that he might like since he's not a great eater--last night he chowed down on peas, tofu and hummus. Now doesn't that sound great? He's a little guy--after dropping to the 0 percentile for weight last week, he's back around the 4th percentile. He's a very active guy and loses interest in eating pretty quickly. I started giving him Pediasure last week and the pediatrician recommended toddler formula as another option--anyone have experience with either of these? His height and head remain average--he's just skinny!

New Tricks
Finley loves to carry stuff around and put things away. I love it when I find the remote in our bed, the baby monitor in the guest room and his toy zebra in the tv cabinet. He's a little organizer.

He's getting better at walking all the time and can finally get to standing on his own. He loves to blow kisses and wave to people. And he definitely inherited his daddy's dance skills.

His vocabulary is pretty limited (mama, dada, banana, night-night) but he likes to mimic what we say and make up little tunes to sing (his favorite is going ah-mm ah-mm over and over.)

He's a doll. We're suffering from some stranger anxiety--he doesn't like anyone to hold him but us (and Victoria) and gets nervous that we are going to leave him if we go some place new. I think I've said it a million times--he's a joy and a blessing, everyday.

Here's his stats.

Height: 31 inches (50%)
Weight: 20 lbs 4 oz (4%)
Head: 18.5 inches (50%)

(These pictures were taken on three different cameras last week. Most pictures are courtesy of Katherine, Finley makes very silly faces for her camera.)


  1. Gracen is super skinny as well, has never been above the 5th % for weight, and has dropped off at points as well. We tried pediasure, but she didn't like it at all, nor the toddler formula. Our doc said she was still "healthy" and to try 4 meals a day as opposed to 3. Then about a month ago we had a break through! She now eats extremely well and isn't nearly as picky. So hopefully his disinterest is only a phase!

  2. I would love to know what he's screaming in that top right picture. FREEEDOOOMMMM!!

  3. what a sweetie! and i hate that whole percentile thing that the pediatricians are into. it makes me feel like i'm in trouble when our pediatrician tells us that our daughter is in the 10th % for weight but our son is in the 50th %. like i feed him but not her. maybe he steals her food while i'm not looking. hmmmmmm.

  4. I know what he is screaming about - ELVIS!!!

  5. Hayden is also a small guy. After about 8 months we're almost back up to the 5th %ile in weight. He's going up in the height category at 75th %ile (don't know where that came from) and his head has always been around the 10th %ile. He's always been "lean" (our PC term). No pediasure for us. He's allergic to milk and eggs. So he gets bacon and french fries (in moderation), olive oil coated pasta, and avocadoes. He'd rather play than eat though too. Guess that will come in handy when being round is no longer a cool thing to be.


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