Friday, July 2

Bumps and Bruises

Finley is getting to be a very good walker--I no longer feel the need to follow behind him to spot him if he falls. He doesn't want to hold my hand and he toddles all over the place. And thank goodness for cloth diapers, they are some nice padding on the tush.

BUT. He is sometimes a little overzealous about his walking. The evidence is all over his face.


I promise I try to keep him safe. He's just real wild.

I have a hard time believing that he went from this at 5.5 months, to walking around. How was he so little? And how is he so big now?

I love that sweet, messy, bruised face.


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  1. baby! thankfully the cut from the run in with Belle healed so its not featured on here.

    spread democracy huh? okay. I like it.


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