Thursday, July 8

Five Years Ago

Tomorrow is Sol and I's five year anniversary. FIVE YEARS! I'm posting early so Sol can see it since he's not working tomorrow. If you're interested in the big mushy story about how we met and how I weaved a web of trickery to get Sol to marry me, you can go read about it on my Valentine's Day post.

This is what we look like after five years of marriage has taken its toll on us.

I think we're holding up ok. Anyways, FIVE YEARS ago, we got married. It was the first happiest day of our lives, and we had no idea how blessed we would be in the coming years. In celebration of that momentous day in our lives, I put together this nifty video explaining our relationship.

Make your own cool video here.

I love you, Sol. I'm so glad I found the man I was searching for. (Get it? Searching? Like google?) Happy, happy anniversary.


  1. Perfect. But I do think you are cheating on me and Sol with the internet. Seriously. HOW DO YOU KNOW ALL THIS STUFF?!?

  2. Neither post includes mention of a prom dress and an airport. Please fix this asap.

    Happy anniversary, friend!

  3. That is awesome! I am totally stealing your idea...some day...when i hvae a momentous occasion like FIVE YEARS!

  4. very cool. Happy Anniversary, Rachel and Sol!!!!

  5. What a great post! We were so glad to be there with you all 5 years ago. We are actually going to a wedding today and hope that they have happy memories in 5 years just like you and Sol. Happy Anniversary from the B's!


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