Wednesday, July 7

Why won't my kid look at the camera?

A few weeks ago, Finley got to hang out with his little friend Kelsey. Kelsey is two weeks younger than Finley. Not only is Kelsey a skilled walker/runner, she has another characteristic that I'm quite jealous of.

She looks at the camera when you take her picture. AND sometimes she smiles.

I'm not sure if you can tell by looking at the blog, but Finley doesn't like to look at the camera. For every picture where he looks at the camera there are probably 60 sitting on my hard drive of the side of his head. The kid is just too busy to pay attention to me.

Any tips for getting kids to look at you and maybe even smile? Besides jumping around and making noises? Maybe I need to stop taking pictures for awhile so he's interested in looking at the camera. Maybe he's just used to the paparazzi. Or... maybe I need a new camera? I'm sure that's it actually. I'm going to start selling some stuff so I can afford it. (Well, I guess I already am.)


  1. Ruthie automatically looks at the camera and smiles when she hears it turned on... maybe because we smile at her and clap and say "yeah Ruthie" whenever she does, so she gets the idea that it's a really good thing to look at the camera? It does make impromptu capturing of the moment pictures hard to get though...

  2. It's because he's a boy. I've been spending lots of time around Micah, my 16 mo old nephew. He doesn't stop for no-photos or no-body. I'm surprised his face doesn't look like that bruised picture of poor Finley. I follow him around and he bobbles, stumbles around, and falls, all the time! It doesn't seem to phase him at all. Just keeps going.

    For pictures, try bubbles - the ones you blow out of the plastic wand.

  3. My daughter is 16 months and I can't get her to look att the camera for the life of me. She used to smile beatifully for the camera up til she became mobile, now forget it . I have to take about 50 pics for one decent one. It really frustrated me because I swear she does it intentionally:)


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