Wednesday, August 4

Caymans Part 2: Starfish and a Water Hose and also my Foot

Not only did we get to see STINGRAYS! we also got to see Starfish. (And we bought Finn a Red Sox cap in the Charlotte airport... randomly.)

You can swim down and pick up these cute little buggers off the sand.

Finley was not impressed with any of the wildlife we saw, but he was impressed with this water hose.

He thought it was SO FUNNY that water sometimes came out. And Uncle Dan thought it was SO FUNNY that Finley was entertained by it.

Also, Sol and I jumped off the dock and it was suspiciously shallow and I hurt my foot. True story.


  1. Great pics, it looks like you all had a blast!!

  2. I like how your left hand is cutoff in the last picture. It made me laugh :). Love the pictures though!

  3. Oh' that little boy was so cute. I also play water hose in my younger days. Anyway, seems you really have fun there. Thanks for sharing.

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