Thursday, August 5

The Journey to Blogher

Well, the secret's out. Vic and I are currently on a bus on our way to Blogher in NYC! For those of you who don't read a million blogs, Blogher is a yearly conference for female bloggers. We're not really sure what we are getting ourselves into, but we are hoping to walk away with lots of SWAG (stuff we all get). We're having a good time talking about how we are "expensing" our "business" trip. And we're excited to promote RV Designs a little and maybe make new friends (but lets be honest, we probably will just talk to each other.)

As you can see, we are really excited about our trip. Here's a little breakdown of my journey to Blogher so far:

12:04 Finally lay down in bed and contract very intense hiccups.
12:41 Decide to go have a drink of the Diet Coke I left on the floor of our bathroom from Chick-fil-a.
12:42 Hiccups stop.
12:51 Hear Copper slurping water from toilet.
12:51 Remember that I poured a little bit of nail polish remover in the toilet.
12:52 Freak out for an hour that my dog is going to die--take him outside to see if he needs to puke/eat some grass/drink some water/
1:45 Ask Sol if Copper is going to die.
1:55 Finally go to sleep.
5:45 Wake up to nurse Finley before I leave.
6:37 Leave house for Metro, wearing a stunning Mobil 1 backpack.
7:25 Board bus for NYC!!!
8:02 Realize that I forgot my pump... and start to try to figure out if I'm going to be able to sustain my supply to nurse Finley on Sunday. YIKES.
8:10 Accidentally delete everything off of my Droid homepages.
8:34 Rejoice that the bus is not filled with lawless warlords as my friend Tom described.
8:35 Connect to the crappy internet.
8:42 Try to work on some blog design.
8:48 Realize that Victoria's alarm has been playing the same two lines of Jason Mraz for 18 minutes.
8:53 Ponder what version of NY I want to visit... is it the NY of Mad Men? Of Gossip Girl? Friends? HIMYM? Don Draper wins.
9:12 Wonder why Victoria has chosen to sit with a random stranger instead of me. I showered last night!
9:18 Leg falls asleep. I wish the rest of my body would follow suit.
9:25 Resist from taking embarrassing pictures of Victoria sleeping. You are welcome.
9:26 Miss my baby.
9:45 Sleep.
10:40 Wake up with no less than 6 places on my body that HURT.
10:55 Pit stop in Trenton, NJ. We got Starbucks.
10:57 Remember one time when I went to Starbucks with my baby.
11:22 No seriously, I miss my baby. I wonder what he is doing right now.
11:31 Maybe he is saying "EIEIO" or maybe he is trying to wear grown up shoes around the house.
11:35 No seriously, who are all these people on this bus? Where are they going?
11:51 Bus is starting to get hot. I am starting to get nervous about meeting a famous blogger and not knowing they are famous and saying something dumb.
11:52 No seriously, the bus is hot.
12:01 Skyline! I mean, I think its the skyline, it could be a smudge on the window.
12:07 Time to go. Too bumpy and hot to type.

Cue Jay-Z song from Sex and the City. ("New Yoooooork, these streets will make you feel brand new, something something inspire you...") Next time you see me, I'll be, like, a totally awesomer blogger. Stay tuned to that twitter thing in the sidebar for all my important musings. Rachel OUT!


  1. have so much fun! i'm totally jealous :)

  2. love this post! haha

    so jealous!!!! please have fun and stalk all my favorite bloggers!!!!

  3. Great post. I love the play by play. Hope you guys have a great time!!


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