Friday, August 6

Blogher update

Apparently you are supposed to blog every five minutes at blogher, so here is your update.

I forgot my toothbrush and stole one from the Hilton. Minus one point.

We met Bruce Jenner. Victoria did not know who he was. One point Rachel!

Victoria saw Padma Lakshmi and won't shut up about how cool she is. Minus one point Victoria.

I spilled Diet Pepsi in Victoria's lappy. Minus five points?

We talked to a few bloggers and are getting brave. One point a piece.

We got lots of swag. One more point.

I think we are winning?


  1. That is a quote from me. I will obviously blog every five minutes at Healthy Living Summit. I just need to figure out how to do it from my iPhone...

    Let's hope Vic's computer is only minus 5 - how much Diet Pepsi was it?

  2. You both get +7 points for stealthily sneaking me in to Blogher like 007 agents. If it weren't for that, I would never have gotten 14 twitter followers on my very first day of tweeting as Baloneysaurus! Rawr


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