Saturday, August 7

The Glorious Pedi-Cab

This blog started a little too late for me to communicate my deep, boundless love for the Gilmore Girls. I think that might be a post of its own someday, but for now I need to fill you in on a Stars Hollow experience Vic and I had in New York.

Remember that dress I wanted from J. Crew? The one with the bow? I've been agonizing about buying it for weeks. I can't decide what size I am... it's final sale... and only available online and at the J. Crew bridal store. Which was conveniently located 13 blocks from our conference. SCORE.

Which brings me to one of my favorite episodes of Gilly--its the one where Luke beats up a car, but more importantly it is the one with the pedicab. (Strangely, this is the second time I have written about that episode.) Kirk rides around Stars Hollow yelling, "Take a ride in Stars Hollows first PEDICAB!" For some reason this part has always cracked me up. Lorelai and Rory go for a ride, and Kirk proceeds to tell them that his big, fat cargo is slowing him down.

I'm kind of obsessed with Pedicabs. Don't ask me why. And don't ask me why Victoria agreed to ride in one the 13 blocks to J. Crew. But I am GRATEFUL. Here's why it was awesome:
  1. Our driver/pedaler gave us a discount because it was a slow day.
  2. We got to feel the breeze rather than be stuck in a stuffy cab.
  3. We got to see the buildings and experience the feel of the city. (It's dirty.)
  4. We got there a little quicker because sometimes our driver disregarded a few traffic laws.

WIN, right? Don't judge me, snobby New Yorker, I loved my pedicab and would do it again.

So we went to J. Crew, which was an experience all of its own. You have to make an appointment to try on the bridesmaid dresses--except the ones that were on display. And the dress I wanted was out. So I tried it on. And it was lovely. And it has POCKETS. And the one I tried on was hot pink and satin and I LOVED it.

Sadly, they don't have the hot pink online. And the online was is silk taffeta instead of satin. And I actually don't have anywhere to wear it. (Marie--I'm not sure I want to commit to a being the same size for your wedding in a year. Sorry love.) And I missed the 30% off sale and the free shipping.

So you know what I did? Because I am a sane, logical decision maker? I decided to buy a MACBOOK PRO!!! Take that pedicab! And J. Crew!


  1. You are ridiculous--I hope the dress wasn't a comparable price to the macbook pro....

  2. I too love Gilmore Girls and remember the episode with the pedicab distinctly! When Kevin and I went to New York a couple years ago, we went in a horse-pulled carriage ride in Central Park (well, half of it was through Central Park, the other half was on the disgusting street outside Central Park. Towards the end of our ride, a lady shouted, "You think it's romantic to torture a horse in this heat?!?!" And then I almost cried.

  3. You crack me up! Dress or macbook....hmmm.

  4. Love the dress, and dresses with pockets in general! I LOVE that GG episode. I miss Rory and Lorelai. And Kirk. Oh Kirk.

  5. You know, Kirk was almost NOT a regular character. Can you imagine what Gilmore Girls would have been like without seven seasons of KIRK? Remember when he got a cat? And named him Kirk? And then cat Kirk attacked him? A lot. Oh Kirk. Thanks for the memories.

  6. I vote for the dress. It's adorable on the mannequin, and it would look even better on you! I mean, everyone needs a good pink satin party dress.

    Am I a bad influence?

  7. Love Love Love Gilmore Girls!! Gosh I miss that show. Glad you gals had fun!


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