Monday, August 2


I'm back from the Caymans! I'm trying to catch up on lots of blog and etsy work, sort through pictures to post, do laundry and keep my kid happy. In the meantime, here is a little confession, from me to you.

My name is Rachel and I am obsessed with ruffly, sequiny shirts from J. Crew. I'm blaming it on my hip new haircut. And the J. Crew teacher discount.

It all started with this shirt. I always coveted the pretty, adorned shirts at J. Crew but could never commit to one. Too much going on and I felt like I wasn't cool enough to wear one. I thought this one was a good entry point because the bow is printed on with something velvety--its not actually a bow.

Next, it was this white tank and this pink rosy shirt. They didn't seem too frilly, but were a little more jazzy than the fake bow--still fairly innocuous.

And then it was all over. ALL OVER. I craaaved J. Crew ruffly shirts. I stalked the online store for sales. I frequented the outlet malls. I abused my discount numerous times.

I ended up with more extreme buys like this tank, that Victoria told me not to buy, and I bought anyway.

And more sequins.

And lots of flair on this one.

And more sequins.

And you know what I want now? Allllll that I want? I just need this dress. I need it. I keep wimping out on buying it because it's final sale and I'm not sure what size I am. But it's so pretty, right? I'm sure I can find somewhere to wear it.

I dream about ruffles and sequins from J. Crew. Sigh.


  1. i want a wedding dress from jcrew.

  2. there is a teacher discount? can i abuse cory's discount?

  3. Right there with you. And I LOVE LOVE that dress!

  4. J. Crew and Banana basically own my soul. Love the ruffles - and you should absolutely buy the dress!

  5. um you can buy that dress for my wedding miss!!!!!! hurry up and get it already!!!!

  6. I am a student now = no more hand wash or dry clean only TEE SHIRTS. that is the worst part
    about the feminine tee trend.

  7. I live on Russell Street but sometimes tell people I live on Ruffle Street because I love ruffles too.

  8. 1. Buy the dress. It is CUTE.
    2. Tell Victoria ruffles are cool.
    3. In the words of Katherine Franklin, "You're only young once."


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