Tuesday, August 3

Thanks for Telling Me

It's true, I'm avoiding blogging about the Caymans. So many pictures... so overwhelming.

In the meantime... hey thanks everybody for telling me the videos to my exciting ketchup post didn't work. (That was sarcasm. No one told me they didn't work.) But they work now! So if you need a little dose of silly parents and a messy boy, click on over.

Here's a picture to keep you waiting for the rest of the Cayman excitement.

Also, have I told you what Vic and I are doing this weekend? I'm a little embarrassed. And a little excited. We'll fess up soon. (It has nothing to do with buying more ruffly shirts. But possible a lovely dress from J. Crew. And something else too. Involving a bus.)


  1. Cute family photo! For a second I thought you had fish-net tights on :). Can't wait to hear about this weekend!! Your nerd friends (like me) need to know everything you learn.

  2. No fishnets--but my son is trying to pull my shirt off. :)


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