Sunday, August 15

Hellooo MAC!

I just wanted to take a moment to explain my absence from the ole blog.

Once upon a time we went to Blogher.

Vic's trusty laptop, Rueben, met its match in a cup of Diet Pepsi.

In an act of solidarity, we decided we would use our RV Designs money to buy new laptops.

We researched.

We ordered new 13" Macbook Pros. I got mine on Sunday. Vic is still waiting on hers.

Then, things took another turn for the worse. Photoshop died on Wednesday. This was not good timing--lots of blogs to design and things to customize for etsy. I had cleared everything off my old lappy and moved it to the new one, so I had to shuffle files back and forth and download new fonts to get anything done.

I spent an hour on the phone with Apple and Adobe. They were no help.

I made an appointment at the Apple Genius Bar. A rather smug genius eventually identified the problem.

Are you ready? Because its ironic in light of one of my life passions.

It was a font. A random font that got corrupted in the transfer. Everytime Photoshop scanned the fonts at start-up, it crashed.

The font was removed and life is good again.

I'm busy designing sweet things and dreaming of more. Also, the mac purchase means I did NOT get the dress from J. Crew, nor am I buying these beauts in the near future.


  1. While driving to OKC today, I listened to an NPR broadcast about fonts....experts discussing how fonts are the costuming for words. A font can be a suit or a pair of jammies....A font can convey whether the movie is a drama, comedy or documentary. They didn't mention that fonts can corrupt computers.

  2. It looks like I'm getting a Macbook Air for work afterall. You can be jealous of my mac-ness now. ALSO I got an old t-shirt of Mark's that says Apple Genius on it. Equally as cool, right?


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