Monday, August 30

My Post on... You Guessed It, The Emmy's!

Everyone else is sharing about the Emmy's so I might as well too. And while I loved the pretty dresses, I'm going to (primarily) talk about what the Emmy's are all about--TV!!!!

First, if you haven't seen this (which means you live under a rock), please watch it. Victoria ran upstairs and forced me to watch this--and I've watched it several times since.

I'm not even kidding, I feel like all my best friends got together and didn't call me. It stings a little. Also--who the heck is the little brown haired girl who jumps in??? I do not know her. I think they might have called her when they couldn't get a hold of me? That little ditty cemented my love of Jon Hamm (old hook hands) and Joel McHale (Ryan Seacrest 2.0). Love.

Second, I loved the love for Modern Family! This has been a favorite of ours (Phil Dunphy = Sol... I always take the stairs two at a time, I don't even think about it anymore...) and I'm SO glad it was appreciated. I love every bit of that show. If you don't watch, you should tune in.

Third, I was a little sad for LOST. I would have like them to win something. It was just such a magnificent show. :(

Fourth, I was happy for Mad Men but a little disappointed in the so pretty and lovely January Jones and Christina Hendricks. I have no idea who dressed them but it was BAD.

Please look like this next time I see you.

Fifth, Temple Grandin! Have you seen it? Sol and I looooved it and I cried at every acceptance speech and everytime Temple stood up. It's a remarkable story.

Sixth, the Emmy's made me ready for fall TV! I remembered how much I loved some old favorites (even if it was silly Lexus/Community commercials... or was it Infiniti?) and made me feel like I was really missing out on some current cool shows (Nurse Jackie and Breaking Bad--anyone watch them?) Stay tuned for a detailed look at what will and won't make the cut this year. I will be adding Running Wilde--I don't know what it's about--but Will Arnett and Keri Russell! That is all.

Seventh, Jon Hamm.

Vic posted this yesterday, but in case you don't follow her, here's where you can find when all your best friends will be back on the small screen. Viva TV!


  1. I read online that the mystery girl from the opening skit is on Vampire Diaries. I'm not sure if that's accurate, but that's what I've been told.

  2. Breaking Bad is intense. I love Nurse Jackie, its dark humor but it'll rope you in! P.S. I'm * almost * caught up to Mad Men. Finished Season 3 today! woo hoo!

  3. I like that you wrote this a long time ago and just started watching Breaking Bad. And yes, more blog stalking. And by the way, you have a like a MILLION posts... so this will probably continue for awhile...


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