Friday, August 27

Summer is Over

Goodbye summer. You were hot and sticky, but I still wish you were here. Actually, it's still hot and sticky. But I have to go to school... not really fair.

I go back to school Monday. We have a week of business-y things, then the kids come after Labor Day. They better be ready to learn because we're no messing around this year. It's Algebra time, baby.

But for my baby, it's hang out with Calvin time. I'm going to miss those little fingers and that round little belly.

We had such a nice summer even if we didn't accomplish everything on our list. I certainly did NOT make that dang Blurb book ever, but I did replace most of Finley's diaper's velcro, I routinely changed out of my pajamas and the etsy biz and RV Designs are flourishing.

Goodbye summer. Hello fall and the perfect running weather that comes with it.


  1. You will miss him and he will sure miss you.

  2. I miss that face. You should come down here today!

  3. He's sure going to miss you and vice versa! I hope the start of school goes smoothly for you!! Algebra is what... 8th/9th grade? I love that age. I taught 10th grade World History II and 11th grade US History last year. I enjoyed the 10th graders more than the 11th graders.


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