Monday, August 23

16 months

Oh Finley you are so big. I feel like you have changed so much lately! I took you to the doctor today because you are coughing and wheezing, and they said you gained 2 ounces. Good boy! Also, you do NOT like the nebulizer.

The saddest first in the sixteenth month of your life was your very first bloody nose (see below). You did a neat little face plant into the kitchen floor, and cried and cried until I read you a story.

My favorite new thing about you is that you will give us kisses when we ask (and when you are in the mood to.) There is nothing quite like getting a sweet kiss from you, even if you haven't figured out the kissy sound.

You surprise us everyday with what you know! You grabbed your Old MacDonald book (that I had read to you maybe once?) and brought over and said EIEI... EIEI... so impressed! You can sometimes make some sounds that kind of correspond to animals. We're working on cow, dog and cat. You know where your nose is most of the time, and tend to identify it by sticking your finger in it. You also know your belly, eyes, ears, hair and toes. Oh! Another favorite trick of ours is that you will spin in circles on command. It's very cute and wobbly.

You are such a good walker now (except when you face planted) and sometimes when you get real excited you will stomp your feet real quickly. You love to bring us everything of something--all the stuffed animals, all the books, all the diapers, all the paper from the printer... one at a time. You are so helpful.

I love talking to you because I feel like you understand what I am saying most of the time. And sometimes you will even do it! It's like you are my little buddy. Oh, I just thought of another cute thing you do now! When I need to take a shower I'll say, "Finley, do you want to watch Yo Gabba Gabba?" And you will get so excited! I make a little cuddle spot for you out of the Boppy, a pillow and your monkey. You wiggle yourself right in the middle and will giggle and watch TV until I get back. You are precious. You've started being more willing to cuddle with me, you'll lean up against me if we are reading a book or watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse together. I'd let you watch TV all day if it meant you would cuddle with me.

You are sweet and silly and I'm going to miss you next week when I go back to school. I'm going to stop writing about how great you are because it's making me sad. I love you so much, little boy. And so does your daddy. And you are growing on Copper, too.

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