Sunday, September 19

What I'm Watching

It's been excruciating, trying to decide what will and won't make my fall line-up. Seeing how most shows start up this week, I didn't want anyone to have to make their decisions alone. Here's my tentative plan:

Shows I'm (Probably) Cutting
The Office -- It's gone too far. I love Jam, but I can't take it anymore.
Big Bang Theory -- Will Sheldon find true love? Do I actually care? I'll catch this one on DVD.
Gossip Girl -- I've come to terms with myself. I'm not an upper-east-sider. I'll read the recaps online.
Chuck -- You were a new friend, Chuck Bartowski, and your father was from Quantum Leap and now he is dead. I feel like that maybe was it for me.

Shows that are on Probation
How I Met Your Mother -- All I have to say is, they better SUIT UP. Let's get going already.
Grey's Anatomy -- That hostage episode slayed (Vic and I decided we should start saying "slay") me, but I was struggling before that. Back to the old Grey's please?

Shows that I will watch unless they JUMP THE SHARK
Community -- If you aren't watching this show, you must not have had a TV for the last year.
Modern Family -- SAME.
30 Rock -- How can I resist you, Kenneth? Liz? Tracy? Jack? Occasional Jon Hamm?
Parenthood -- Lauren Graham can do no wrong. Except her Emmy dress.
GLEE -- Obviously.
The Mentalist -- It's Simon Baker's hair. I can't escape it.

New Shows I'm Adding
Running Wilde -- Will Arnett + Keri Russell = hopefully awesome?
Mike and Molly -- I may not add this, but Sookie (of GG) is on it and I love me some Stars Hollow.
HOUSE -- I didn't watch last season, but I will now because HUDDY!

Shows I'm Not Allowing Myself to Watch
Desperate Housewives -- I love you Vanessa Williams!
Lonestar -- It looks too good to be true.
Reality TV -- Stop.

Summer Shows That are Ending
Psych -- What a silly show. Love it.
Lie to Me -- Also, I just love it.
Mad Men -- Jon Hamm. The end.

Anything I need to add or subtract? Remember, go here to see when your shows are coming back! Happy fall!


  1. Remind me to say "slay" instead of "kill."

    And, I like this list. Plus the Good Wife. And Law & Order SVU. And goodbye Closer.

  2. what am I going to do without tv in london!?!?!

  3. Outsourced. May be the new Office. I am also looking forward to Running Wilde. Could be a winner :)

  4. Big Bang, Glee, Castle, and Bones. The End. Sillyness slays me ;)


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