Saturday, September 18

Amazon Mom

I've mentioned before how much I love Amazon. Craigslist and Amazon are probably the leading places where we get stuff. And J. Crew--(oh and PS they have their Factory store online until tomorrow! Go shop!)

The last things I bought on Amazon were:
Our two favorite things about Amazon are Prime Shipping and Subscribe and Save. Prime is a service you that gives you free 2-day shipping for a year for only $79--and you can share it with four friends. That is a HUGE bargain. It saves you so much time and money. Subscribe and Save is what Sol uses to buy these ridiculous items. It schedules deliveries for items you go through often and you save 15% on them. So we get more flax seed every other month. Awesome.

I learned about something today that combines these things into the coolest thing in the world.

Joining (which is free) gives you a free 3 month Prime Membership, which is extended by a month every time you spend $25 on baby stuff. And you can share it with one friend! Also, instead of saving 15% on baby goods, you save 30%!!! Last week, I bought a box of diapers for $40 (which is already a great deal) and could get the same box shipped to my door in two days for $28. Seriously, that's a great deal. We only buy diapers every few months since Finley only wears a couple disposable ones every week, but for those of you not using cloth, this is a HUGE money saver!

If you have children, or know someone about children, pass this on! Cheap diapers! Free shipping! Hooray!

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  1. Maybe I should join just for the great deal!

    I kid.

    But seriously - PRIME is awesome!


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