Friday, May 28

A Love Letter

Dear Amazon,

Have I told you lately that I love you? Because I do. I love you and your super fast Prime Shipping. I love that when Finley decides that he loves loves to eat with a fork (see photos below), I don't have to pack him up and drive all the way to Babies R Us. I can just click click click and I will have cute little baby forks before I could even make it to the store. Because, let's face it, big people forks are a little poky for babies.

Baby toys low on batteries? No need to make a trip! You will send them right to my doorstep. And don't even get me started on your amazing ability to send me books straight to my Kindle while zipping down the road.

And then I found this while searching your wide array of goods. Obviously, I need it right now. And I need this. It doesn't even feel like I'm spending real money on Amazon! I love it.

Yours forever,


PS. All those things I said about how I loved Craigslist? I didn't mean it. I only love you.

PPS. I had a hard time picking which pictures I liked.



  1. my heart is bursting with Finley adorable-ness!!! eeeek!

  2. nothing against amazon's wonderfulness....but I think you have a box of Amy stuff that included kiddo plates, bowls, forks, etc.... The pictures are so cute it hurts. Can't wait to see him in 21 days.

  3. Mom--I found three forks from Amy--but we go through them pretty quick. I'll keep looking and see if there are more.


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