Saturday, May 29

Are you a doorman?

Yeah, I'm a doorman. TO THE SKY. (Name that season finale!)

Finley got his passport in the mail for our family trip to the Cayman Islands in July. Baby passports are too funny--they need a new one in five years because they change so quickly. I think his picture makes him look kind of like a criminal--it's difficult to get a good picture of their squiggly little faces! I took well over 100 pictures of him before I finally decided this one was the least terrible of the bunch.


Finley is excited to be free to roam the skies and travel as much as his little heart wants. Cayman Islands, get ready! (And Stina and Bob too!)


  1. The quote was given by Matt Damon on 30 Rock! I win!

    Oh, we are going to be ready but will you? It is freaking hot here already! Bring extra bug spray also.

    We will have moved into our new place by then, which is in the middle of 7 mile beach on the canal side (snug harbour if you look on a map, palm heights drive). We have an extra room with a bathroom if anyone in your family (or you and sol) want a night "in the city"!

  2. I've seen a LOT of baby passports, and Finley's photo is by far the cutest. Really.

  3. Wow - Finn has a passport already! I just received my first passport this week - it only took me 52 years! It is the cutest passport picture that I have seen.

  4. it's a good thing he doesn't need a passport to come to california to see his aunts.....soon yes???


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