Friday, October 22

18 months

That's one and a half, people.

What a delight this kid is.  Lately, when we ask him questions he shrugs his shoulders, lifts up his little hands and says, "Ohh-ssshiiii" or something that sounds like it might be inappropriate.  I have no idea what he is trying to say. He'll mynabird just about any word we say, even though they all sound the same coming out of his mouth.  My favorite little phrase is "yes please", which really sounds nothing like it.  If I can ever get him to pay attention to me, maybe I'll try to shoot a video of all his little words.

He gives plenty of high fives and fist bumps--and likes to shake his finger and say "bo bo" to things.  That means "no no".  Finley enthusiastically responds "yeah!" to just about every question we ask him.  "Finley, do you want to go to the moon? Do you want to eat some rocks?" "Yeah!"  He makes it clear when he does not want something--he shakes his head emphatically and sticks out his tongue to make silly noises.

He loves to spin around, try to walk backwards, and play with spatulas.  Climbing on things is his new scary and awesome pasttime--any toy that is 6" or taller is a good thing to stand on.  He likes to sit in our laps, and will turn around and walk backwards to plop himself on our legs.  It's rather cuddly. He voluntarily gives us kisses and loves to hug and kiss his stuffed animals.  (Mostly the monkey.) He loves to read "Goodnight Moon" and always tells the old lady "hush--although instead of saying hush, he just sucks air in through his nose.  Totally normal.

The scale at the pumpkin patch had him right around 23 pounds--the doctor's office clearly has more sophisticated instruments.

Head: 47.63/2.54 in (50%) Someone else can do the math if you are interested.
Weight: 21lbs 10 oz (5%)
Height: 32" (45%)

I really felt like Finley had been eating and drinking more milk--and was optimistic he'd chunked up a little!  Looks like I was right.  I mean, the 5th percentile is nothing to brag about, but it is better than the -2% where we were before.  Keep growing, little man.  But please still stay a baby.  Just a healthy baby.

Happy Half-Birthday, Finley!

(And for the blog readers who come back, day after day, waiting for a picture of Copper... your day has come.)


  1. happy 1/2 birthday Finley!! Time for another one?? hehe

  2. I want one of those. (A Finley, that is). He is just TOO CUTE!!!
    Happy 1/2 birthday...crazy how fast time flies!!! :)

  3. Happiest of half birthdays little man. Great pic of Copper!!

  4. Happy 1-1/2 birthday, little love.

  5. *kiss* and *hug* from G & G, Finley!

  6. ps The hands up with the shoulder shrug is "Awww geez." So, no worries.


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