Tuesday, November 9

Earth's Best

A few months back, Vic and I went to Blogher.  We came home with lots of silly trinkets and entered our names in a whole slew of drawings.  Somehow, we won none.

I came home a few weeks ago to a mystery box on our doorstep--our house is full of serious online shoppers, so it wasn't totally unexpected.  The box had three sizes of Earth's Best diapers and a box of oatmeal.  I wasn't sure who had sent it or why it showed up.  Eventually I got an email from Earth's Best--I had expressed interest at Blogher in being a preferred blogger (or something) and so they sent me some goodies to try out!

We have been using Earth's Best baby cereal for Finley since we started him on cereal.  He's now getting to the point where he wants to feed it to himself and doesn't want to eat it any other way.  (My favorite thing about the Earth's Best box is that it says something like: you wouldn't let your baby play in a field full of pesticides, so why would you let them eat it?  GUILT TRIP.)  Anyways, this cute Elmo Oatmeal is the grown up style oatmeal and Finley seems to like it a little better.  Also, it makes him smell like maple syrup all day.  We're still perfecting the milk to oatmeal ratio, but its thickness makes it a little easier for him to feed himself.

We primarily use cloth diapers, but totally appreciated a few extra disposable ones for when we are running around.  My favorite thing about them?  They are white and don't have gaudy prints on them.  I think after using solid color cloth diapers, I wasn't totally a fan of having characters all of over my kid's tush.  I don't really mind that much... but I really like the plain white ones!

Unfortunately, Earth's Best didn't have any goodies to giveaway with this product review, but if you come over, I'll let you taste the Oatmeal and you can use a diaper for your wee one.


  1. sweet. reviewing products - what a hot shot blogger. next time: put up a picture of finley eating the food or modeling the diapers. thanks :)

  2. I like earth's best. Total guilt trip with their comparison to letting little babies play in pesticides.

  3. Ooooooh these would be so perfect for our new baby that we are expecting in February!!!!! Pick me!!!!! (ps the new pic you posted of you as a little girl is so stinkin' cute - you and Finley look so much alike!!!)

  4. Just starting using their diapers. Love them!!!


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