Monday, November 15

Finley in the Fall

Finley loves to be outside--he loves to run in the backyard and pick up mulch and leaves and dirt.  (He's a boy.)

And I love taking pictures of him.  (And messing with them in Photoshop.)

And taking so many pictures that it ends in tears.  (Copper has been a little protective lately.)

We have lots of fun.  (And I'm not ready to cut his hair.  Sorry.)


  1. I love his reminds me of what Caleb's looked like around 18 months (before it got really thick and butchered at his last haircut). He is adorable! :)

  2. i've always wondered what it would be like to have a blond-haired blue eyed child. i must live through you.

  3. He's so big! You should update the pictures in the header and sidebar of your blog to show his hugeness. Those other pictures are almost a year old now!

  4. cute pics - got your message on HIMYM and I agree.

  5. I like dirt, mulch and leaves,too! So great that you guys can be outside w/o the mosquito patrol.


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