Friday, November 12

Last Chance

I'm going to pick a winner after school today (around 4pm EST) so you better enter the Earth's Best Giveaway before then.  Currently, the odds are in your favor of winning, meaning you should enter... but not tell your friends.  If you win, free treats will be shipped to your door!  Yippee!

My dad sent me this picture yesterday--when I was a few months older than Finley is now.  I guess that's where he gets his blond hair from. And ability to make silly faces.

Happy Friday and go enter!


  1. I have no babies so no need to enter BUT if you decide to do a giveaway on Giacomo's fuselli pasta, I'm all over it

  2. I used to think that Finn just looked like his daddy, but I totally see the resemblance after looking at this picture!

  3. that's so freaking cute. especially in front of a texas license plate.

    everything is better in texas.


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