Thursday, November 11

Embrace the Camera... with a Knife

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Oh, life with an 18 month year old is nothing if not exciting.  Take this evening for example:  Finley wanted a fortune cookie after our smorgasbord of Pei Wei delights.  He accidentally dropped it and Belle swooped in to gobble it up (as she has been trained to do.)  Tantrum.  Unhinged.  The end of the world.  Until I picked him up and he was able to identify the only item on the table that would right the wrongs in his life.

The knife.

So being the loving mother I am, I let him hold it.  And Vic snapped this charming picture of the two of us.

Oh the child and his little quirks.  Everyday when I come home from school he runs to hug me and then whines and fusses and cries until we go out for a run (I'm not sure why my coming home distresses him so).  Then he only wants to play outside.  Inside, he wants to get the soy sauce out of the fridge.  Or hold the soap bottle.  Or get a wet paper towel and wipe everything off.  Or play with the nail clippers.  Or play with all the make-up and bottles in the bathroom. It's an endless list of strange things he wants to play with.

I love him.

Also... Happy Birthday Dad!  My original thought for this post was to find a picture of my dad and I from when I was Finley sized, but that proved to be too difficult, because it would involve emailing my mom and there is a good chance they aren't currently living at the house with the old pictures... so it's the thought that counts.  Happy Birthday!!!  I love you Dad!


  1. Funny picture! He's a dangerous toddler. haha Love the look on his face.

  2. Standing on the table AND holding a knife. Living large Finn. Love it.

  3. bahahahaha :) They are always so quick to grab things they shouldnt have !

  4. Oh kids and their quirks :) I was having quite the day with my feisty little 2 year old yesterday... when they have their minds set on something, not much else can take it's place :) cute pic ~ love that satisified, "yah, I've got mommy wrapped right around my finger" look. ☺

  5. It's clear you understand an important life lesson: Pick your battles. :)

    He's cute with or without a knife!

  6. meh... it's not like you handed him a steak knife or anything... haha Cute picture!! =)

  7. great shots and story. we can all relate!

  8. I knew he took after me. Happiest outdoors :-)

  9. I am a little scared of Finley's smile in the knife pic. He seems ways too happy to be holding that...


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