Wednesday, November 10

Chris Mann times Two

After feverishly stalking Chris Mann at Blogher, I finally got the chance to see Chris sing and chat with him for a few minutes at his show in Vienna.  He was kind enough to pretend like he remembered who I was, which was sweet.

It was fun to listen to hear him sing a few songs--with this magic piano that somehow made funky beats while he played and looped his voice singing different things.  Really, I think it was magic.  Also, I thought he was wearing a tacky Christmas party shirt when I first saw him, but upon closer inspection, it was just a normal, plaid, hipster shirt.

Then, I got to go home and watch a very sweet episode of Glee, featuring Chris Mann as "Warbler #6." (Kurt breaks my heart over and over.) Check Chris out, he's in the back row on the right during "Teenage Dream."

But really, he's very very talented and it was really fun to get to see him.  Twice.  In one day.  You can go here to see if he's playing anywhere near you.  If he's not, then hopefully you can catch him again on Glee!


  1. Other things to remember: we paid $13 each to see the opening act and ignored the other three artists. No need for new talent here - we have Chris Mann and GLEE. Also, it is important to remember that Mr. Mann is from Wichita, which gives Wichita 0.5 more awesome points in my book.

  2. Only 0.5 more points, Vic? Come on! Chris Mann easily ups Wichita's coolness factor by 100.

  3. Rachel - Did you die your hair, or was it just the light?


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