Saturday, November 20

Raking Leaves

Finley really likes to pretend to sweep and wipe off things and help around the house.  He also really likes to make messes--but organizing and cleaning are some of his favorites.  Naturally, helping his daddy rake leaves would also be highlights in his day.

Doesn't every mom want a picture of her kids sitting in a pile of leaves?  It's a fall classic.

In the spirit of posting pictures of family members from when they were Finley's age... here is my "little" brother Dan when he was a few months younger than Finn. My dad and I have similar photography styles.  Don't you love the sweet little blond boys?


  1. Do you remember Dan and Ben's leaf show? That was my favorite!!

  2. what a cute little monkey in the leaves. both of them i guess. ha.

  3. I asked the boys if they remembered the leaf show and they did :-) Leaf tickets and them running back and forth through the leaves for the show. So funny!!!


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