Monday, November 22

19 Months

Little boys are silly, right?  Who's with me?  I'm so excited to find out whether our next kid is a boy or a girl--and I'm torn as to what I'm hoping for.  I wanted a girl the first time--but now I adore Finley so much that I'm not sure I know what I would do with a girl.  Paint her nails?  Sing her showtunes?  Teach her how to get voted biggest flirt in her senior class? I have no idea.  I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

As for our current boy, he is a hoot.  He's so loving--he makes his stuffed animals kiss each other all the time and loves to share his milk and snacks with them.  He loves to "read" books and get into all sorts of mischief.  He's constantly making us laugh and surprising us with how much he knows.  He mimics us when we cough or sneeze and babbles long stories to us.  He loves to point out body parts, people and clothes.  He's a very active boy--running around, dancing and learning all about how he works.  Sometimes he likes to lean against the wall or stomp around the house with his feet really far apart.  Like I said, silly.

Today, instead of taking a nap, he babbled in his crib for almost two hours.  When I walked in, he had thrown all of his stuffed animals out (somehow he had gotten SIX in his crib), untied parts of the crib bumper and thrown his socks out.  I wouldn't have wanted to sleep in that lonely crib either. Luckily he fell asleep in the stroller on our run--so my 3 mile run turned into 6 because I felt bad waking him up.  What a silly boy.


  1. haha, love that your run turned into a longer one so the baby could sleep! my run turned into a shorter one the other day when I blew a fuse b/c the heater and treadmill were plugged in the same circuit. oops!

  2. I like the new banner of posts on the bottom of current post, very kewl! Whatever the new baby is we think you should do the same things because it is working for Finn. I bet Finley would like show tunes, too! And his daddy and mommy both know how that flirty thing works ;o).

  3. Rach, please tell Finley to stop growing until I get back to DC. I can't take it that he's a little man now! :)


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