Thursday, November 4

Wildcats vs. Jayhawks

As you may be aware, my goal is to have Finley be famous on YouTube.  We saw a cute video the other day of a little girl making fun of the Jayhawks and I thought I'd try to get Finley to do the same.

We still have some practicing to do.

Video was taken on my very high tech Droid, so forgive the quality.  What do you think?  The next E-Trade baby?  Or is he too wiggly?


  1. You asked him to say hippopotamus!!!! That made me miss Grandma Grimmer a lot!!!

  2. not more comments? weird. i loved this one.

  3. The Jayhawk choke was the best I have ever heard! Definitely, Finley knows the nature of the beastie. I just have to say, could any baby boy be more adorable?

  4. How cute! Here's a similar KSU vs. KU antic.
    What does a wildcat sound like? ROAR!
    What does a jayhawk sound like? (holding your nose) Pee-u!!

  5. I love Finley and his cute little voice. Just send me a CD of Finn singing for christmas and I'll be happy.

  6. I love it when Rachel laughs! Finn's voice melts my heart (which can be kind of messy) {This is actually from Dave..on my laptop ;0)


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