Tuesday, November 2

The Most Interesting Man in the World

I've always known that I'm married to the most interesting man in the world, but for Halloween he let his true colors show.

I was, like, and 80s Prom goer or something.  The best part of my dress is that it has tight black pants under a mullet type skirt--unfortunately you can't see it.  But you can let your imagination go wild.

And the most interesting man, with the most interesting baby.

Alright, here's the actual most interesting man in the world, in case you don't watch commercials or like Dos Equis.

And for posterity's sake... here is our giraffe in the neighborhood parade.  He really would have rather played in the leaves.

And our little guy in his natural habitat.


  1. I don't always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis. Stay thirsty my friends.

  2. So that is what Sol would look like with a beard! Crazy! :) Love the costumes and the little giraffe!

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  4. Finley is adorable!! And congrats on baby number 2, by the way!
    (Apparently, my profile name was "my world" for awhile - not sure how that happened...so here is my comment with my real profile.)

  5. Last picture... oh my goodness... ADORABLE. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

  6. How did Sol make his hair gray like that? It looks a little too natural...

  7. Your husband = interesting.

    Your son = the cutest giraffe ever. Did you bribe him to make that face? LOVE it.

    P.S. - It's Vicki. My Google name says Victoria.

  8. Sol, that is a great costume. You look good in a beard! Hmmm..I think I see acting in your future.

  9. Dave says that 7 speakers are just right...he thinks Sol should contact him for info on how to make that work...Welcome to the world of "We never have enough speakers." It is a disease that has no cure only has a need for severe moderation. haha


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