Monday, November 1

Fall Favorites

My favorite thing about fall is probably Halloween.  And cross country. And coats.  And little boys dressed up as giraffes, on their daddy's shoulders.

I think the main reason I love Halloween is because I really like orange--and because Old Navy sells Halloween PJ pants for really cheap.  You can accumulate a serious collection very easily.

And I love memories of running around my high school in the fall--and racing on Saturday mornings.  There's a certain smell that takes me back, um, several years to those good old days.  I love hearing the HS football team and band practice when I run, and I love the crispness in the air.

Oh!  And I LOVE coats and jackets. The beginning of Fall means the beginning of me getting to buy new coats.

Go share your favorite things about Fall at I Heart Faces.


  1. Such a great photo and you have the cutest giraffe in your family!

  2. Too cute!! That little guy is getting so big so fast!!

  3. What a cutest giraffe!! Also, love the Boston Red Sox hat!

    Great picture!


  4. Love this! That's the cutest giraffe I've ever seen :)

  5. I love that Finley wears his cowboy boots often. He is too cool!

  6. What an adorable giraffe!! I adore this shot - no wonder it's a favorite :-)


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