Tuesday, December 21

Parthenon Reginald

Victoria had a dream that we picked out a terrible name for Finley's little brother, but all she remembered is that the initials were PR.  (She also could have been dreaming about what I am going to do at the next marathon I run...)  I suggested that the name might have been Parthenon Reginald, and she thought that might be right.  Sol and I had toyed with referring to the little guy as Alfredo, but Parthenon Reginald is pulling ahead.

The most helpful person (so far) in naming the baby is an 8th grade girl at my school--meet Tanika.  (That's not her real name, but it will work.)  Tanika isn't my student, but we know each other.  I consistently yell at her in the hall and have to stop her from giving other students shots of Tabasco sauce at her locker.  She's a tall, gangly girl who thinks she is really tough.  She is loud.  She likes to make a scene.  She's the closest girl we have to the kids I taught in Boston.  (Which means I secretly love her.)

(I wanted to take a sneaky picture of her in the hall... which turned out terrible.  A few minutes later she came in my room, and said "WHY YOU TAKIN' PICTURES?" And I said, "Hey! Go stand by the calculators."  I'm not sure I'm allowed to post kids here, so you can imagine under that smiley face is her smiley face.)

I'm not sure why she is so excited about my baby.  She knows I'm not fond of her (again, most of our interactions involve me yelling at her).  A few weeks ago in the hall, Tanika yelled: "MRS. SCOTT! DO YOU KNOW THE SEX OF THE BABY?"  And I said, "It's a boy, Tanika.  Go to class and stop yelling."  She freaked out.  I don't know why.

Last week, Tanika yelled: "MRS. SCOTT! HAVE YOU PICKED OUT A BABY NAME YET?" Me: "No Tanika, we're still working on it.  Inside voice, please."  "I'M GONNA MAKE YOU A LIST OF BABY NAMES."  "Great Tanika, I'm looking forward to it."

On Friday, she rushed up to me to give me the list.  THE LIST.  The list that became the highlight of my week.  I have not seen such a thorough listing of baby names--even though some of them aren't quite our style.

She informed me that she made a lot of the names up (example: Aliyzay) and that her brother helped her with some of the categories (example: Girl Magnet).  Here are her suggestions...

Creative spelling aside, this list makes me SMILE.  And laugh.  There are so many things--I like that "Chuck" is a cute name.  Cute is not the first thing I think of for the name Chuck--unless we're talking Chuck Bass.  And I like "Eirrik" and "Eirrikson."  Guesses on pronounciation?

And why exactly is "Blue" the name of a girl magnet? Hmm?  And what makes "ZeCameron" a good name for a first born?  Will it work for my second born?  I also like that "Cameron" without a prefix made the list as well.

What do you think?  Any names that jump out at you?  Any you think I should add?  I think I need a few more suggestions.


  1. awww this makes me miss Dearborn kids so so much!

  2. I think it's funny that "Luna" is under the category "tough".

    And I think I like Lamount the best! ;)

    And Stan..."musical"???

  3. That is SO awesome. Love it. You must save that for his baby book!

  4. blaaahahahaha. well at least she's being creative with her time. she could be smoking or thinking of names. i hope you take interest in her, it seems like she likes you.

  5. my fav boys name is my third son (shh, don't tell) : Matthias. I also like the name Silas because I never got to use it, getting a girl the 4th time!
    sweet list, though.....Azalius as a girl magnet--too funny

  6. Now THAT makes me laugh!!!! That's precious. You must introduce me to this girl.. she is my new favorite.

  7. Wow, I was cracking up reading some of those names. You should definitely hold on to that list for posterity. I'm a pretty big fan of Azalius myself. It's sounds pretty manly :)


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