Monday, December 20

20 Months

Finley is 20 months old tomorrow.  And strangely, I think he might be 20 times cuter than when he was borned.

I feel like he is changing and growing so much lately.  His pants are finally getting too short!

He's getting to be better at articulating what he needs and is whining a little less when he wants something.  Probably because most of the time, what he wants is "up please!"  He says more, all done, daddy, mama and lots and lots of other gibberish.  He'll proudly tell you his favorite color is yellow and likes the letters E and I (thanks to Old McDonald and Miss Amy teaching him his letters.)  His hugs are adorable.  Sometimes he'll give you one without you even asking--even if it mostly involves him leaning on you.  It's still very sweet.

He is a wild man!  He likes to run full speed into you and climb all over stuff. We took him to play in the Chick-fil-a Play Placem and he finally got brave enough to go down the slide--and then went down it at least 10 times.  It was a little nerve wracking and scary to watch my little little boy climb up so high and go down the very steep slide.  Sometimes he came down headfirst, sometimes on his belly, but always giggling.  There were LOTS of very big kids climbing around, and he seemed oblivious to them.  At the risk of getting mushy, it was hard to let him go play somewhere that I wasn't able to help him if he needed me--pregnant ladies don't cllimb real well.  Sadly, he never needed me.  He was too happy to run around in the various parts of the Play Place without me.  Please stop getting bigger, thank you very much.

We're working on being nice and gentle--I'm not sure how little boys learn how to hit and pull ears and take toys.  Copper is going to have bald spots soon because Finley likes to pull his hair so much.  Luckily, Copper is pretty tolerant--it's mostly just amounted to some growling.

We had another appointment for his foot this week and they said it looked pretty good.  They rotated his shoe a little further out to help his muscles and tendons balance out a little.  We'll be back in four months for them to monitor his progress a little more.

Happy getting older, buddy.


  1. hmm, i guess i missed the part about his foot. what's up?

    he is a sweet monkey.


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