Tuesday, December 14

Free Hugs from Finley

Everyday when Sol comes home from work, he asks Finley for a hug.  I always thought this was funny--Finley doesn't give hugs.  Sol just grabs him and holds him tight.  The other day I asked Finley to give his little pal Calvin a hug--and he did!  Kind of.  He walked over to Calvin and shrugged his shoulders, like someone was holding him tight.  We thought this was hilarious.  We've spent the last few days asking him for hugs and he's responded by shrugging his shoulders or by leaning on us.

I realized we have limited time with this type of hugs--just today he put his arm around Calvin when he hugged him.  I managed to get this video of him hugging tonight.  I had to shoot it on my phone because he's obsessed with our actual video camera and won't do anything but whine when we get it out.

Video highlights include: him modeling a hug, grinding some fresh pepper, hugging Copper and telling Copper "I love you." And some giggling. Unfortunately the Golden Globes were already announced, otherwise he'd be a shoo-in for leading man in a drama.


  1. that is adorable. I love that little huggy boy!

  2. Um...I love Finley. That adorable boy is growing up too fast!! Can't wait to see him soon!

  3. the word "hug" is open to interpretation. i mean, he's just creative. total man though...you don't want to show too much affection. haha.

  4. That's hilarious! And super cute.

  5. I want a Finleyspeak dictionary.


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