Monday, December 13

Christmas Plagues

This weekend was the Annual Christmas Cookie decorating party, hosted by my pal Carrie.  Last year, she was 8 months pregnant, and looked approximately the same is I do this year--5 months pregnant.  This does not bode well for the next 4 months...

(high school friend reunion!)

And then Megan's husband Dane (who occasionally reads the blog) fell asleep.  Cory and Sol wasted no time posing with him.  He mumbled something about not putting the picture on the blog.  Fat chance.

In the invitation, Carrie mentioned that there would be a prize for the best depiction of the biblical plauges in cookie form--and Megan and I took this very seriously.  (I would like to take a minute and welcome Megan to the blog.  She is one of my very best friends but doesn't read the blog--something about being a busy doctor?  But her phone is now set up with Google Reader, so I'm optimistic she's reading this in an elevator between delivering babies.  HI MEG!  And to my other friends who used to blog but stopped, Meg is now subscribed to you, so you should give her something to read.)

(The Doctors Barrett)

So here are our plagues!  Apparently there were 10 plagues on poor Egypt, but we combined a few because there are only so many ways of nibbling a cookie into an insect shape.  I'm not sure why God found it necessary to send three separate plagues of flies, gnats and locusts, but who am I to question his ways?

I am torn between posting what each plague is, or leaving it to the biblically savvy readers to guess.  I'm leaning toward letting people guess... so first person to name all 10 plagues correctly, gets one of the plagues mailed to them.  Go!


  1. Go ahead and guess people but I already ate most of the plagues. Hint: BOILS.

  2. 1. Frogs?
    2. Boils
    3. Flies
    4. gnats
    5. Diseased livestock?
    6. Water to blood
    7. Locusts (that eat all the flowers)???
    8. Thunder and hail, darkness, death of first born

  3. 1. Green meanies with green slime
    2. Snowmen with horrid acne and the pox
    3. Clouds with dropping mud balls
    4. Sunflowers that aren't from Kansas
    5. Ghosts and spirits with flaming red eyes and bellies
    6. Blue projectile of cancer cells
    7. Whirling and splitting sun
    8-10 Boogie man with flaming sword

    More fun than the 12 days of Christmas!

  4. Ok...My husband and I are combining our Christian school education to try to guess (without cheating):
    1). Frogs 2). Welts 4). Locusts 6). Blood in water 8-10). Death of first born???



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