Thursday, January 27

Snow Day!

School was cancelled yesterday (and it shouldn't have been), it was cancelled today (and it should have been), and it's cancelled tomorrow (and I'm ok with it).  We have a good amount of snow, a lot of fallen tree limbs and no electricity for about 18 hours.  It was cold and dark and boring. AND IT MADE ME MISS COUGAR TOWN AND MODERN FAMILY.  Unforgiveable. Last night we all wore headlamps and played Quirkle.  I think we might make flashlight time a part of Finley's bedtime routine because he LOVED it.

He did not love the cold cold cold temperature of his room this morning.  Victoria, Finley and I made a trip to the gym so we could work and shower (I smelled) then hung out with Calvin and Amy.  And got Chick-fil-a and Pinkberry.  It was a good snow day.

Victoria snapped this pretty cute picture of the two of us.  I love you baby mullet-head!

I'm joining Embrace the Camera a little late... but I haven't had internet in 24 hours, so I'm excused.

Time for all my BFFs on NBC!  Hello Thursday night TV!


  1. Cute pic! And I'm so glad you have your electricity back!!!! How frustrating!

  2. so beautiful!! :) and I won't give any spoilers, but modern family last night was EPIC and i'm sure you will love it when you can catch it! :)

  3. Snow day....awesome. Today it was so hot in SoCal and I was running around chasing 5 yr olds at my daughter's school field trip. Talk about sweaty. We needed a little of your snow.

  4. snow days...a teachers best friend...yet worst enemy when it comes to the summer.

  5. The good news is, Modern Family was a re-run.
    Finn is adorable. :)

  6. Who knew that headlamps would be the new thing? Glad you are back with electricity and warmth. And that Chick-fil-a and the gym were up and running! Love the pic.

  7. Glad you have electricity! It kills me how they call school just in case it might possibly snow! We were so lucky to only lose power for a few minutes...Being without electricity is crazy when you have little ones! I haven't even uploaded our snow pictures...where did I put that camera cord? :)

  8. Better late than never I say! Your pictures are always so cute and animated. :)


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