Sunday, January 30

Sick Husband and Sweet Baby

My sweet husband has the immune system of... well, something with a really great immune system.  Maybe a rock?  Those never get sick.  He woke up this morning complaining of stomach pains.  After laying in bed until noon, complaining of his stomach pain and consulting with my almost doctor sister, he went to the ER.

(Personally, I think he is ill over the K-State loss last night... I mean, who isn't?)

He called me to say that the doctors think it is either an ulcer or appendicitis.  When I asked him if he had been admitted, he said, "I'm not sure... but I have an IV and I'm not wearing any pants."  I told him I think that means he has been admitted.

Lest you think I am a bad wife because I am not with him, I sent him with "Catching Fire" on his Kindle, so he wouldn't have talked to me anyway.  And I posted these pictures of Finley so he would have something cute to look at in the hospital.  While he is wearing no pants.

I'll update this post when we know more, but we would appreciate you keeping his belly in your prayers.


  1. Praying for Sol. I hope the doctors get it all figured out in a hurry. =)

    Meanwhile, my sock monkey bedding has FINALLY arrived and we got the room painted a tan color today. Can't wait for it to dry and then I'm going to paint vertical red strips 1/2 way up one wall. I'm so excited!

  2. The twitter pic of Sol was so sad. Hope he recovers quickly!! The pictures of Finley will boost his spirits!

  3. I hope it's nothing serious and that Sol feels better soon!

  4. Hey Rachel-- How is Sol feeling today? We are thinking about you guys!!!!


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