Monday, January 24

A Video for People who Truly Love My Child

This is an unedited, low quality, long video of Finley. If you like Finley, you will find this mildly entertaining. (I'm considering going into sales--how did I do? Can't wait to watch the video, right?)

Highlights include: his new favorite word, some animal noises and him cooking me a 5 star meal/ignoring me.

This video is being posted half at the request of his Grandma and half because Finley really likes to watch videos of himself. He is his biggest fan--if he could type he would comment on the blog, like, everyday.


  1. whoops, that was me and thanks for the the hair by the way!

  2. His grandparents are the only people that truly love your child. Even I waited forever to comment.

  3. Yeah... that video was boring. I didn't think it would be very popular. :) I mean, I liked it, but I'm his mom.

  4. We truly love him too....just slow go respond!
    So cute, thanks for posting it and I thought it was too short. I could have watched him for alot longer.

    Gma and Gpa Grimmer

  5. I agree with Cynthia, I could have watched him longer as well.


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