Tuesday, March 29

Silly Goose

Finley has become quite a silly goose lately.  I think Miss Amy tells him that a lot because he's started walking around the house saying "silly goose, silly goose" or telling Belle "silly Belle."  And he's right, he's a silly goose.  Here are some of his antics from the past week...

Crawling into a grocery bag and laughing hysterically until he couldn't figure out how to escape.  Then he cried as I went to get my camera.  And it was a paper bag--not plastic.  I read the warnings.

I was really busy reading the internet when I heard him clomping around.  Little did I know, I have a very fashion forward little tyke.  Teacups as shoes?  Perfect!

He also pushed his toy lawnmower around with his head--but I didn't get a picture of that.  Who teaches him these things?


  1. So you could say, "Finley has it in the bag"? Or maybe Finley is a little 'tea toddler'?
    Grandpa D

  2. blahahahaha...tea cup shoes. amazing. i've never thought of this one before.

    and at least it was a whole foods paper bag. we know it's organic. :)


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