Monday, April 18

Finley's Haircut

For some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to have a bunch of people over 50 hours after giving birth for a round of haircuts.  Clearly, I wasn't thinking.  Vic and I's hairdresser, Dominique, is between salons so she came over to our house to trim Victoria's hair.  My friend Kate and her two little girls came over to join on the fun... and so did Amy and Calvin.

I had her cut one stray bang and trim the back a bit.

Since Dominique was going to be at our house I figured she might as well as cut Finley's hair. I had trimmed it a few weeks ago, but I definitely don't know what I am doing.  I think we found a hair style that both the pro- and anti-haircut supporters can approve of.

Finley sat on my lap while Dominique trimmed his curls.  I didn't want it to ALL get cut off--I really like it long--but it is certainly more manageable now.  His bangs stay out of his eyes and his little curls aren't tangly at all.  He was a champ--he played on the iPad the whole time.  And now he looks so grown up that we are letting him practice driving so he can get his license.

Braden's hair is brown and short and it feels like velvet.  Did you know that babies are so soft?  So so soft.

And they smell so sweet.

And they snuggle.

His onesie has monkey pirates on it and says "Ahoy Ladies!"  Perfect, right?


  1. I downloaded firefox 4 and it is awesome. Also, this falls in the category of "things we should have been smart enough to figure out together." It was a crazy idea.

  2. Nice afternoon activity since the day's weather was so great. Finley looks so more a baby, :0[. Braden's haircut however is perfect, don't do a thing to it!

  3. dude, that is kind of crazy that you were all getting your hair did after just busting a child out.

    finns haircut looks glorious, btdubs.

  4. i totally thought you'd have nine million comments by now. c'mon people. she had a BABY. and he's cute. what's a girl gotta do to get some comments up in here?

  5. Geez Vic. Fine, I'll post. THAT'S ONE CUTE BABY.

    No seriously, I love baby Braden. Can't wait to meet him.

    And Finn's hair is perfect. It still has the adorable wispy curls, but now he can see. :) Dominique is amazing.

  6. It's funny that you guys' comments show up earlier than the time it is here now!

    ...So many congrats on your beautiful new blessing rachie. I'm glad you are doing so well, too.

  7. If I must (Ticky)...anyone concur that Rachel produces children who (not only look alike as babies) look like their dad!!!!???? I want to kiss him and love on him.


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