Saturday, April 16

Two Boys

On the day Braden was born, my laptop ran out of space.  I mean my dear dear MacBook is LITERALLY (please read "literally" in the voice of Rob Lowe on Parks and Rec) out of room.  So I've been doing a little soul-searching/deleting of old pictures.  I take an embarrassing amount of pictures, and there is LITERALLY no room for Braden pictures.  Which is unfair.

In the spirit of fairness, here is one picture of each of my two favorite children, in no particular order.

And I will leave you with this haiku.

I didn't even know,
How much I missed sweet babies,
I love you Braden.


  1. Do you not have an external hard drive? They are so great and you never have to delete anything!

  2. i can't believe you didn't tell me this. i talked mom into getting an airport. router and automatic back up in ONE.

  3. you know you can buy a back up hard drive right? i mean, don't delete for heaven sakes.

    those 2 peanuts are sweet.

  4. You DELETED pictures? I mean, I sure hope by "deleted" you really meant "put on larger storage device".


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