Tuesday, April 5

Friends of the Birthday Boy

We are so blessed to have so many people who love us--or love Finley--or maybe just love eating free food.  For whatever reason, we had a house full of friends on Saturday and had a blast entertaining them.  It was difficult to get pictures with all the people who came and even sadder was the fact that some of the pictures were a little icky since I would have to hand it over on Auto or (GASP) with the flash on.  We didn't even remember to take a family picture until the party had been over for several hours.  Whoops.

We can pretend that this is a family picture with Finley and his twin.

You can barely tell I'm 9 months pregnant in that last one!  Planning a party when you are 9 months pregnant is a silly idea.

Finley did not eat his cupcake for the second year in a row.  Although he talked about cupcakes incessantly for the week leading up to the party... I have no idea why he wouldn't eat it.  He was also quite suspicious of the singing (second picture.)  And we almost got him to blow out the candle.  He was very sweet.

One of the best parts of the party was that my pal Megan and her husband Dane got to come!  What a happy surprise.  She is a busy OB resident a few hours away, so it was nice to have her nearby if I wanted to just have the baby during the party.  The show must go on, right?  That's what circus folk say?

Do you like the tent-like draping on the ceiling?  I asked Victoria if it was too much to buy red fabric to make the house look like a circus tent, and she said it was totally fine.  And then when she was helping me put it up, she told me I was crazy for listening to her.  Whatevs, I loved it and was very sad to take it down. Thanks for enabling me, Vic (and Vicki!)

I was also so grateful for Amy (or MAMIE! as Finley calls her.)  She helped me assemble cupcakes and make food while our babies napped. And also brought us Chick fil a. What a great friend!

The party also had some very exciting clown noses...

And balloon animals... (by the way, I make a mean balloon bunny.)

And lots of fun decorations, which will be another post.  This one is already pretty picture heavy.  I can't believe my wittle wittle boy is going to be TWO in a few weeks.  And I can't believe that I'm going to have an even wittler boy before that happens!


  1. why in the world did you not leave the red fabric up for weeks. that would have been fun to wake up to every morning.

    funny post. props to you. finley is sweet. suspiciously sweet.

  2. pretty family. pretty megan. pretty belly.
    happy almost birthday to the finn-man!

  3. Great Pictures!!! Can't wait to see you guys next week!!!

  4. 1. The show must go on is not about circuses. As you know.
    2. In the picture of Meg and you, I messed up the depth of field and I think it looks slightly out of focus. Your belly through off the aperture.


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