Friday, April 1

Two Years and Still Bloggin'

One fine April Fool's Day in 2009, I started this little blog.  I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you, dear blog.  I'm so grateful I stumbled upon blogging--it's done so many things for me.  It's forced me to write down details I might have forgotten about Finley's life.  It's inspired me to take more pictures and consequently learn how to take better pictures and edit them.  It's helped me to reconnect with friends and make new ones who I have never met, which is only a little creepy.  It's also turned into something that lets me buy things that are ordinarily out of my price range... thank you RV Designs and Etsy for my camera and laptop!  I'm so happy I've stuck with it and am excited to keep chronicling the changes in our family.

Now I'm off to call my OB... I think these Braxton Hicks contractions are becoming more frequent and painful... I may be in for a trip to the hospital today!

April Fool's! We have a very serious circus birthday party to throw tomorrow, there will be no baby until the party is over.


  1. DORK. I was going to be so irritated if you told me via blog we had to go to the hospital.

  2. i did a little april fools joke on on all my fam that i was in labor, everyone is mad at me now. but it warms my heart.

    and also, have you been to michaels lately? in their dollar section they have the cutest circus stamps, bags, straws, everything. i'm sure you're designing everything though...over achiever.

  3. Darn, I really had an inkling that we would be seeing a new little one on April Fool's! Just thought that would be poetic. Have a great b-day celebration for Finn!


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