Tuesday, May 3

I am having a hard time thinking of good titles for my blog posts.

I've been pretending I'm a photographer lately.  I'm trying really hard to get a sweet picture of Braden for a birth announcement and am somewhat succeeding.  I don't actually know anything technical about photography--I understand how ISO and the aperture and shutter all work together... but I feel like I should read a book or take a class or something because I feel like an impostor some of the time since I've never actually taken a class on photography.  I just google stuff all the time and stalk blogs of people who take pretty pictures.  I like the pictures I take--I just feel like I could have less blurriness and weird things happening if I was slightly more educated.  There are quite a few buttons on my camera that are a mystery to me.

But Braden is still cute even if I don't know much about proper lighting and if I insist on shooting with my f-stop at 1.4.

I stole this idea from the photographer who took our pictures two weeks ago--and mine is kind of terrible compared to hers.  Finley doesn't hold still, so it's really tricky to make his eyelashes the part of the picture that is focused.  I'm going to keep trying.

That's all.  Pretty much I just wanted to post some pictures and had to come up with some words to go with it.  This is what you get when I decide to blog in the middle of the night.  I should sleep more...


  1. Those are amazing photos! Great job Rach!


  2. Sol signed his post. Heart. And I think Braden is cute. So is Finn. And I told you before you shouldn't always use 1.4 just because you can, right?

  3. Very very cute. I don't think you need photography classes

  4. um, these are toats gorge. like gorgeous. shortened. get it?

  5. They are amazing pictures!!! How cute are your boys!?

  6. I don't think you need photography classes either! Your pictures are always great. It helps that your boys are so darn cute!

  7. I think what you do is gorgeous! I know what you mean though. I so want to take a class, but so many photographers I know just learned from other photographers. Anyhoo, beautiful shot!


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