Tuesday, May 10

In the Still of the Night

One of things about infants is that they have to eat.  All the time.  Including in the middle of the night.  Feeding a baby in the middle of the night is boring and it's kind of hard to stay awake, luckily my buddy the iPad has been my trusty companion and kept me company.  To date, I have:

  • Watched all three seasons of Arrested Development (if you haven't watched it, I'm not sure we can still be friends, VICTORIA)
  • Lost a lot of games of Words with Friends... and won a few
  • Read Tina Fey's Bossypants (not recommended to do while your husband is trying to sleep beside you--it's laugh out loud funny)
  • Read The Summer I Turned Pretty and its two sequels (a quick teen lit read that I loved aside from the last 5 pages of the last book)
  • Read most of the internet
So now I'm looking for suggestions--I have Hulu Plus so there are lots of shows I can watch.  I'm tempted to start rewatching LOST... or Veronica Mars.  Or just watch Arrested Development again.  I love me some Bluths. Any awesome TV shows that I may have somehow missed?

Suggestions?  As I recall, I still have quite a few more weeks/months of feeding sweet Braden in the still of the night.

And I'll leave you with this... I'm hoping eventually Finley and Braden incorporate this phrase into their vernacular:


  1. Lay on the guilt all you want, RACHEL, you know I have literally no time. Tom Serpa says to watch Extras. But that may only be on Netflix. He says its the funniest.

  2. Have you watched Prison Break? We are finishing the last of the fourth season on Netflix. I really like the Jack-Bauer-likeness of it. :)

  3. You're making an iPad sound really tempting for baby #2. Want to just pass yours along to me in September? :) I'm sure you won't need it then. Not sure I have TV recommendations, but you can get my book list on goodreads.

  4. I love Arrested Development! I haven't watched it in a few years, though. I should rewatch it.

    I love 30Rock and The Office. Both are great shows.

    And Bossypants was one of the best books I have ever read. So funny!

  5. Heather-- I've missed the last few seasons of DH, that might be a good show to pick back up!

    VL-- I'll give you until July to watch the first season. Then, friendship terminated.

    Jenae-- haven't watched Prison Break but I remember hearing good things about it!

    Kristin-- I use the iPad exponentially more now than I did before. I'll email you about it. :)

    Hannah-- Oh Tina Fey kills me. Love 30 Rock and started to love the Office again in the last few episodes!

  6. ! wish I had read the entire internet. Does that come in a Reader's Digest version?

    Hulu Plus is reported to have a rating system of the best shows to watch.

    My favorite shows are Masterpiece and Mystery and since I have been watching those for 35 years, I have a few that I have loved.

    The Jewel In The Crown, novels by Paul Scott, was amazing. Cranford, with Judi Densch also fabulous. Prime Suspect with Helen Mirren keeps you wanting to know what could possible happen next. I, Claudius is not for the faint hearted. Bleak House, terribly dark and terribly good Dickens.

    You might end up with waking Braden up in the night just so you can catch up!

  7. rachel, i will not be your internet friend if you start watching desperate housewives. i will actually defriend you on facebook.

    i say you start writing your first novel with all that spare time. it would be good.

    and i need to read that tina fey book asap.


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