Wednesday, June 8

Backyard Waterpark

We got Finley a sand and water table for his birthday.  We finally got around to setting it up last week--and Finley really enjoys it.  Sol and I tried to get him to not mix the sand and water--and that lasted about 15 seconds.  I'm having to let go of my type A, orderly, neat freak tendency and let him PLAY and enjoy making a huge mess.  At this point, both sides are equal parts sand and water. Ugh.

The sand and water table was quickly upstaged by this pool we got at a yard sale--and by the slide the Sol put into the pool.  Finley is really enjoying his deck water park.  I did catch him dipping his cars in sand and rinsing them in the pool--he told me it was a "car wash."  So now the pool has a lot of sand in it--and I'm almost ok with that.

It's fun to watch him learn about sinking and floating, about pouring and gravity.  I'm not sure what we will do when there is no more summer.  I have the feeling that we'll be spending most days out on the deck!

Don't you want to come over and play in the pool?


  1. So now you have a Man/Boy Cave on the deck! What a water baby. Soon he'll join you in snorkeling advetures : )

  2. somebody beat me to the commenting. I appreciate these photos for their zoomed out nature. Nice.

  3. Count me in! Is that the next Michael Phelps :-)

  4. can you imagine the playdates we could have if we lived in the same city?

  5. apparently the deck is the place to be at your house! a water park and bulldozers! whew!


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