Thursday, June 9

Dancing the ABCs

Somehow, all of the sudden, Finley could kind of sing the ABCs.  Sort of.  I think he picked it up from the toys that sing it, watching some YouTube videos and us singing it occasionally to him.  He performed it for us a few weeks ago, and it was hilarious.  He would sing it before he went to bed and would have moves to go with it both times.

The first night he had to rock back and forth and hold some embroidery hoops--the second night he needed to run in circles.  He's improved even more since we took this video--even though he still misses J and K and says "no X" instead of "double U X."  It's SO fun to watch him learn.

As teachers we talk a lot about learning styles and how kids take in information--visual, auditory, tactile or kinesthetic.  At this point, Finley seems to do well when he gets to move his body!  He did this over and over... such an energetic little fellow.  He cracks us up.

And a picture of sweet Braden, to keep things fair.  Love this chubby, cuddly boy.


  1. Thanks for providing our family entertainment for the evening! We love the video. and little Braden is precious!

  2. Love the video, Finley is hilarious, just giggling like crazy after falling, adorable, and such a smarty pants!! :)

  3. Reminds me of his daddy at that age..loved to sing the ABC song. So fun to see Finley and Braden updates and I am a sucker for the videos!


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