Friday, June 10

How Much I Love Pinterest

One of my favorite things to do is to love things.

Right now, I really love Pinterest.  I first loved it because it's exclusive--you have to be invited to join.  Just like Gmail in 2005... I thought my gmail address was pretty chic back then.  Who am I kidding, it's still chic.

Anyways, Pinterest.  If you spend any amount of time on the internet looking for things--clothes, recipes, decorating ideas, party planning, crafting--then Pinterest is for you.  It allows you to collect images of things you like and "pin" them to virtual bulletin boards.  When you are on a page that has something you want to save, you click a little button on your toolbar and it will ask you to save it to a bulletin board.  AND it saves with the link so that you can go back and find it anytime you want.  

Here is a screenshot of some of my boards... I've been saving recipes, ideas for birthday parties, things to do with Finley, crafts and all sorts of fun things.

The other fun part of it is following other people.  You can pin their pins also search for ideas within Pinterest.  I really wanted to make a pillow with a bow on it and when I searched I found alllll these options:

Cool huh?  

It really is so fun.  And it can either save you lots of time by categorizing and keeping all your ideas in one place... or it can waste massive amounts of time if you obsessively look for crazy things on it.

Let me know if you are on Pinterest so I can follow you!

And let me know if you would like to be on Pinterest so I can invite you.  More pinners = more fun.


  1. I was a little confused when you said, "I really wanted to make a pillow with a boy on it" (thinking Sarah & Abraham style) and then I see lots of pillows with bows. ;)

    Thanks again for inviting me...I am obsessed.

  2. I jumped in today as a way to store new house/nursery ideas. Already love it. Too bad I didn't accept your gmail invite way back in the day... :)

  3. ok you sold me. now i will go find your invite.


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