Wednesday, June 22

Fingerpainting for Father

Last week, I let go of my Type A-ness a little more than usual and let Finley fingerpaint.  I really didn't want to be cleaning paint off the floor, out of his hair and dealing with it being smeared all over the place.  But being a kid is supposed to be fun and be about making messes, so I relented.

I should have known how it would turn out.

For the most part, Finley used one finger to dip in the paint and smear over the paper.

Eventually he started using both hands and somehow got his feet a little messy too.

He didn't get any on the floor.  Because he is tidy like that.  And eventually he requested to "wash your hands" and then wanted to do nothing but dip one finger in paint and wash it off.  Of course.  Then he wanted to wash out all the little bowls in the pool.

Silly clean boy.

I cut up his sweet artwork and put it in a little frame to give to Sol for Father's Day.  I saw this idea on my new bestie, Pinterest, and thought it was cute.  I was going to make Braden make a hand print or something too, but then I decided that was too much work.


  1. Great fun! Love the project. Rachel, you need to get in on the fingerpainting end of it, too! Clean project....shaving cream on the cover of the outdoors sand/water table with added food coloring drips. Project and clean-up all at once! Top rated preschool diversion. : )


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