Wednesday, June 15

Prayers from Finley

Finley is a very sweet pray-er.

He used to do the same prayer everytime, "Dear Jesus, Mama, Daddy, Bradem AMEN."  As you can see in the video below, his standard prayer has been abbreviated to "Mama, Daddy AMEN."  I'm not sure why Jesus and Braden haven't made the cut... but we are working on it.  The first part of the video below has a very long, gibberish prayer that he, judging by his smirk, thinks is very funny.

Sometimes his prayers are very silly.  He often prays for milk, dump trucks, hot dogs and all sorts of nonsense.  You can see in the second clip his prayer for counting.  Silly kid.


  1. Little boy prayers are the best! So cute!

  2. Very sweet prayers. Has he already written Tori out of his prayers, too?

  3. Nothing is more precious than a child praying! Love it!

  4. I think he may have the gift of speaking in tongues...


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